"The task...is to seize hold of the margins of possible action, however slender they may be, in order to extend the autonomy of future choices" Samir Amin


Welcome to my site. I’m an aspiring political economist interested in China’s hegemonic assent, the Chinese tribute trade system, and ecologically unequal exchange. I’m especially interested in how southeast Asian peripheries like Indonesia fit into the picture.

For a full personal statement please see the ‘about me‘ page, and for more details on my research interests please see the ‘research‘ tab. Also, I should mention that I’m interested in working with world-systems/neoMarxist theoretical frameworks. And that some of my writings have been published in outlets like MR Online, Countercurrents, and Truthout.

Currently, I’m working on a comparative historical study of the Malaysian and Indonesian national oil companies, and reading a couple of books recommended to me by different mentors (Sven-Eric Liedman’s 2018 biography, and Lin Chun’s 2006 book on China 🙂 thank you to their recommenders).